sad quotes- sad quotes about love- sad poetry

No one cares about ur ters 💔 So just smile and move on. 💔 Most of my misundrstanding are bcz of my tone of voice.💔 People think I am angry even if I’m just explaining my point.💔 Pain chang people Som become rude 💔 And sme become silent.💔 You are wathing the year changingĀ  And … Read more

sad message- sad message about love- sad love quotes

Evrybody can…… see a laughing face 💔 But nobdy can….. see a broken hear. 💔 No matter how……. things are 💔 Tomorrow is another ……….chance to make things btter. 💔 I understand u’re busy 💔 But ur active now and replying back 💔 Simply tears me apart .💔 A heart that……. always 💔 Understands….. also … Read more