Marketing Strategies in USA

Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies in USA has been center on food products and beverages. Beer is the second most imported item after vegetables followed by fruits and other dietary products. Beer marketing strategies in USA is a multi-billion dollar business. There are many factors that influence marketing strategies in USA. The following discussion highlights some of these factors:

Marketing Strategies


The distribution of beers is a very important factor in marketing strategies in USA. Distribution of beers requires bottling facilities and breweries. These facilities are strategically located to reach out to the common consumers. The major distribution dilemmas are related to transportation of beers. With the advent of the internet, e-commerce has increased the convenience for beer retailers and consumers.

The best distribution network is a part of the marketing strategies in USA for example importation of beer, local marketing strategy in Mexico, multiple state branding strategy, marketing strategies in the USA, and product portfolio analysis in Mexico. There is a serious need for analysis and research in Mexico to obtain comparative data of imported beers on a nation-wide basis. Beer distribution network plays a major role in the success of any beer manufacturer. It ensures that the beer manufactured is marketed in the targeted market in the most efficient way.

Marketing Strategy:

Marketing strategies in USA are influenced by factors such as marketing strategy, advertising budget, availability of market, competition and the legal system. The marketing strategy in USA is made up of different components such as branding, packaging, licensing, advertising, distribution and retailing. Branding is very important factor as it provides consumer information about the manufacturers. Packaging and branding play a critical role in marketing strategies in USA. This is the reason the manufacturers prefer to go through the packaging and labels process to enhance the quality and uniqueness of the products. Branding allows consumers to differentiate between various brands thus making them eligible for the product.

Marketing strategies include distribution

Marketing strategies in USA include distribution as one of the major components. Some of the distribution channels include mks0030, regional distributors, national distributors, wholesalers, retailers and agents. The marketing strategies in USA cover all these distribution steps. Growth of the micro breweries in USA has changed the distribution channels as well. Nowadays many micro breweries prefer to directly sell to retailers and agents.

Healthcare marketing strategies

Healthcare marketing strategies in USA have gained popularity due to the increase in number of people suffering from common diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, High Blood Pressure etc. As per the latest statistics, almost 14 million people in USA are suffering from these diseases and many people do not have access to proper treatment due to the lack of financial resources. In this context, healthcare professionals play a major role in solving the problem of such patients. There are many other healthcare professionals such as pharmaceutical professionals, nursing professionals, physician’s assistants etc. who take up these jobs in USA.


Since USA is a large country, there is an adequate market for almost every product manufactured in the country. USA distributors cater to the needs of the mass and specialize in particular products. The food distribution network in the country consists of retail giants such as Walmart, CVS, Target, Safeway etc. These giants have distribution networks throughout the country. In the context of beverage, USA importers are also important since many people like to purchase alcoholic beverages in USA rather than buying in their home country. There are many beer importers in the country.

Significant sources of marketing strategies

Other significant sources of marketing strategies in USA are the Hispanic community, college students, retirees and small businesses. There are many marketing strategies implemented for Hispanic community such as promoting local businesses and promoting cultural events. Many organizations promote the growth and prosperity of the Hispanic community and one such organization is the United Way Foundation which works towards the betterment of the Hispanic community through the promotion of economic development and social welfare programs. Many non-profit organizations such as the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association work towards the betterment of health and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases amongst the Hispanic Americans.